Pool Startup

Your new pool startup is a major component to having a healthy easy to maintain pool in the long run. Most builders have warranties attached to their pools and you would not want to jeopardize the contract, so let us make sure you begin the new pool startup process correctly!

These rules apply for any start-up technique. If you would like more information we have provided a link to an article with more information from Swim University for an inground pool.

Our Denton pool builders, certified professionals, have the knowledge to work with all new swimming pool start-up procedures universally used across the pool building world.

  • It’s important not to swim in the pool during the break in period.
  • The pool heater should be left off for at least 3 weeks following the initial filling.
  • Filling the pool as quickly as possible without pauses is a necessity! Avoiding spraying the water directly on the fresh plaster.
  • If you have an SWG, do NOT add salt, or turn on the SWG, until 30 days after the plaster was applied.
  • During the first three weeks, it’s important not to use any automated cleaning systems such as built in cleaners or robotics.
  • Running the pump 24 hours a day for the first week is a necessity!
  • Our Denton pool services include that your equipment is always checked and proved to be functional.
  • The weekly pool maintenance includes that we check the chemistry and balance of the pool on a routine basis.
  • Knowledge of pool chemistry is one of the key skills harvested by our employees. If the chemistry is not done correctly, the result could be irreversible damage. In some extreme cases, having to re-plaster your pool.
  • For the first two weeks, we brush daily, vacuum (if needed), test water chemistry balance, check all equipment and clean the filters until plaster dust is no longer visible.

Acid Start-up

This is a very common new swimming pool start-up procedure, especially for exposed aggregate finishes. The builder generally will complete this whole procedure.

  • Beginning with the pump turned off.
  • We add 3 1/2 gallons’ muriatic acid per 10,000 gallons and then brush the entire pool. The acid will help dissolve the plaster dust so you don’t need to vacuum.
  • Brush twice daily but don’t vacuum or add chlorine until plaster dust is gone. For dark plaster only brush light colored or white areas.
  • When all plaster dust is gone, neutralize the acid with an ash/washing soda by using a base demand test. Wait 24 hours and repeat if needed.

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